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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  July 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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flight crew deployed the emergency slides from the plane to evacuate the passengers, there were no injuries here but another situation we are monitoring here. sharrie is off and alicia vitarelli is here. >> reporter: a man charged in the death a 16-year-old girl. "action news" reporter bob brooks live now the outside with the news on this. >> reporter: sharrie and brian, an absolutely horrific and terrifying story all because someone made the choice to drink and drive. this is something a mother should never have to go through. but michelle wilds is today visiting and collapsesing at her 6-year-old daughter's memorial,
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according to police little anae jackson was killed by a drunk driver and her mom michelle was there. >> i seen her and i kept saying this i was not trying to be a hero, i stepped in front of a car. my daughter if you saw how little my daughter is, she was the littlest one out here. >> the driver went directly into the path and he is david ran doll, police say that david randall was drunk trying to park his car when it happened. michelle says that she stood in front of her daughter when randall sped up and hit them. >> jumped in front of the car to take the blow -- >> i was told when she was first hit she flew underneath this bush where theis.
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and her body was brought out here and people started to pray. >> everybody came around here and started praying together. >> even though randall is charged with vehicular homicide and behind bars, her daughter is never coming home and it's a long road to recovery if she ever gets her. >> i will never hold my child again -- >> back out live here, such a sad and terrible story. anae's mom says she was so smart she was on the honor role and knew what she wanted to be when she grew up and that is a gymnast. >> a real tragedy thank you. temple president, neil theobald is stepping down due to a financial aid deficit of $22 million. the board was set to meet to
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essentially fire theobald, and it was announced to reach a settle many allowing him to resign. they took a vote of no confidence next week. richard i richard angler will serve as interim president. in just a few hours, donald trump is set to deliver arguably the most important speech he has ever given. on the convention's final night is all about what happened last night. texas senator, ted cruz was booed off the stage when he refused to endorse trump but urged republicans to voice with their conscious. today cruz doubled down. that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and attack heidi that i'm going to nonetheless come like a puppy
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dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and father. sara bloomquist is live in cleveland with reaction. >> reporter: hi there, tonight is the night for donald trump to make his case to the nation why he should be president and what he should do if he should be in office. last night senator ted cruz got booed off the stage by flat out refusing to endorse donald trump during his speech. we caught up with new jersey delegates and they were extremely disappointed. >> it was truly unbelievable. >> we spoke with new jersey delegates after a breakfast that featured governor chris christie. like us they were on the floor when the crowd erupted in boos. he stopped well short of
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endorsing their nominee -- >> at the end i was disappointed that cruz did not endorse donald trump. >> he had the opportunity to address a large crowd at the convention and the tv audience and i think he had an obligation to throw his support behind donald trump. he didn't do it and that was disappointment. >> he is trying to set himself up for 2020, but when you thread the needle to sharply and miss it comes back to bite you, that is what happened on the floor that night. >> we are very disappoint that he did not come out and just say, i think we all should get behind our nominee donald trump. that is all he needed to say. >> this afternoon donald trump and his oldest daughter, ivanka. did a walk through and she will
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address the crowd first. >> you continue to build on the excitement, and this idea of mention of trying to be more presidential. that also to some extent that is a media driven connotation, the bottom line is again he is plain spoken. >> you'll see theatrics, you don't know if donald can keep that out. >> trump's allies are furious with cruz and governor christie said he showed why he is the most disliked person in either party. >> donald trump needs a big night tonight one in which the party appears to be unified. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. well be looking forward to your reports. trump's critics call for simultaneous protests across the country. a group went to jfk boulevard in center city today.
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they are concerned with his comments against mexican immigrants muslims and women and take exception to his running mate, mike pence. we have more on on today edwards events and on facebook and twitter look at the behind the scenes video coming from the crew there in cleveland from the convention floor, and join the conversation as well as the historic events unfold. and now there will additional speakers this week all lawmakers from pennsylvania. brendon boyle and bob brady along with bob casey and mayor jim kenney and tom wolf will be speaking and we'll hear from former police commissioner, charles ramsey and additional speakers will be announced in the next several days. the entire "action news" team is
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standing by to bring you every single angle of that convention. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. we are in for real heat especially as our delegates and visitors come to town. >> it got hot today and even hotter tomorrow. adam joseph is here. >> the temperatures climb over the next 24 to 48 hours. philadelphia is on the brink of the 90 degree threshold. 88 in philadelphia and 88 in wilmington and dover and better at the shore with the heat index in the mid-80s, as you look to the south and west. the 90s are lurking in cincinnati and raleigh and atlanta. and many 90 plus heat indexes, 109 degrees is what it feels like in st. louis and 104 in wichita and 102 in dallas. we excessive heat in the next
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five days, heat indexes 98 to 105, the most intention heat of the year, limit your outdoor activities. we don't take this lightly because the number one weather killer in the country is excessive heat. 650 average deaths a year more than floods, hurricanes and tornados. coming up we'll let you know if there are any cooling storms in the full accuweather forecast. with dangerous heat on the way stay with for all the updates you need and stormtracker 6 live double scan radar for a heads up on any changes. and of course join the face conversation on facebook and twitter. time now for the "action news" traffic report. people heading home. matt pellman is standing by in the traffic center with the the details. >> reporter: traffic is not so cool on this hot afternoon.
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as we look live at 95 it's not cool because it's slow on the northbound side there is a crash on the work zone at girard avenue and the crash is gone now and backlogged coming north of washington avenue, and girard avenue and southbound getting busy as well. if you head into the phils game early tonight and a bunch of suburban accidents one at cow path road. emergency construction in cherry hill along 70 westbound approaching spring dale road. one lane out of commission, coming away from 73. look for the speeds in the 20s. and by the way is slow itself on the southbound side you see the slowing from 73 on down to 42, speed there's just in the 20s as well. a vehicle flipped over at jackson road. and a crash early this afternoon in newark at red mill road and 273, with slowing on the
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northbound and southbound 95 in yi christiana and the mall lets grab the ipad, a report on evesham road and we'll keep tabs on that and all the other stuff too. >> thank you matt, still to come on "action news" tonight. rutgers tuition is going up. we'll give you the details. and today some eagles players met with philadelphia's police commissioner to discuss tensions between the police and the community. and general motors is recalling thousands of cars tonight. the details you need to know. and melissa magee is live down at the shore. hi melissa. >> reporter: hey there guys, we are having a lot of fun and doing what we can to stay cool. lots of breaks in the shade and
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drinking our h2o as well. and have you to have fun here down at the shore in atlantic city, we are what we call the flying dutch man, it goes back and forth and it's a lot of fun and when are you at atlantic city at the steel pier you have to scream. are you guys screaming? oh my gosh we are going up [ screams ] .
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. this is a small sweet just your with a big ming behind it. kids surprised their local police with mr. good bars today. the message is that the police are good and so are the kids. they are also sweet. some parents came up with the idea and want to improve the relations with the officers and the communities they serve. with the recent tensions with police officers and
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communities, some activists here are stepping up to help. some eagles players are meeting with the commissioner to talk about potential solutions. vernon odom has the details. >> sometimes it is what it is. >> reporter: commissioner ross met with pro athletes, key players with the eagles and various philadelphia natives with teams like the steelers, the subject is trying to improve relations with police and communities of color. >> there is obviously a disconnect with the communities and police officers and we want to bring our voices to the table and our stages to facilitate that relationship. >> it was the players that asked for the meeting with the police department's top brass and say they are keenly aware of the violence taking place from dallas to louisiana and minnesota. and they hope to contribe time-out out to a long-term
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solution. >> we want to build back the trust with the police and the philadelphia community. setting up events where people gather to get to know citizens and repairing inter person connections. >> we are using our platform to bridge the gap, a larger narrative is pushed to the side because the biggest platform is behind social media. no firm agenda only mutual promises to follow through on their pledges. despite their fortune and fame, these highly accomplished young men want to get involved in the community where they know in is a dire need for their ability to communicate and yes be role models. i'm vernon odom at police headquarterers in center city. in florida a man says he was shot by police while laying on the street with his hands up. the cell phone video shows the
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minutes before the shooting in north miami. the man on the left is behavioral therapist, charles kinsy, he was trying to convince a man with autism to come back inside an assisted living facility. police came when they got a call of a man with a gun threatening to kill himself. neither kinsy or his patient had a weapon he was pleading with them when one officer opened fire. >> he is autotist can and had a toy truck in his hand. i had my hands in the air and was like i just got shot and i said sir why did you thoot me, and his words were i don't know the officer is on administrative leave while the case is investigated. rutger university tuition is going up next year, they voted to raise tuition and fees by
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1.77%, compared to last year 2.7% increase and added $205,000 to need based student financial aid. now a look at the closing numbers, red arrows across the board. the dow slipping 78 points and the nasdaq down 16 points and the s&p down 8 points on the day. general motors is recalling 290,000 cars because the airbags may not inflate in a crash, it affects impala sedans, gm says the front passenger seat can rub and cut power to the sensor. this is not connected to the takata airbag recall in other cars. there is no schedule yet for when the repairs may be made. >> we are tracking dangerous heat. time now for the accuweather forecast. >> find some air conditioning, or a pool even better.
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adam joseph standing by now. >> i have one you want to come over? as we look at ocean city along the boardwalk, much cooler down here than is the place to beat the dangerous and excessive heat and you see the shore line also packed with umbrellaed kind of shading themselves from this really intense late july sunshine. a southwesterly wind and 80s along the immediate shore, 89 in philadelphia, the same for reading and 88 in allentown and trenton sitting at 87 degrees, the human came up early this morning but as we have gone through the afternoon we mixed up the atmosphere and the winds stirred up the upper and lower atmosphere, so the dew points are not bad from philadelphia north and rather humid for wilmington and dover. and wildwood and beach haven at 72 degrees for your dew point.
4:21 pm
we look at a line of storms to the north and west. for the most part this fall as part as it moves south and east and sunshine is in control at the present time. stars are in control tonight and a few patchy clouds and warm and muggy, 65 allentown un70 in in dover and the boardwalk in a.c. 70 degrees tomorrow the expected heat index rises between 95 and 99 for the majority of our viewing area, and from trenton, wilmington and dover, the heat index could hit 100 degrees and at the shore better but sticky and uncomfortable, 90 to 95 degrees, future tracker 6 showing early tomorrow in the evening hours we'll be watching at 7:30 p.m. that broken line of storms it could clip parts of the lehigh valley and the poconos but for the majority of us it's a dry friday from start to finish. we look at your get away forecast, 84 degrees and much cooler with the sea breeze and
4:22 pm
hot and humid in the city as we bake and late day storms and the poconos humid at 84, your four day at 4:00, we show the 90s -- but overall we look at the 90s to start on friday and 95 degrees with storms to the north and west and scorching heat on saturday 98 degrees and going into next week temperatures in the mid to upper 90s with dangerous heat indexes over 100, we'll have much more in the next half hour. >> we need to see all seven days to see the scope of it. >> a sneak peak. still to come this afternoon a call for more funding in chester. >> this year there is something new.
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a man remains in critical condition this hour, after being shot late last night in philadelphia. it happened at 11:30 on west
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lehigh avenue. the man was shot in the chest and rushed to the hospital. police have not made any arrests. a pennsylvania state senate candidate is joining the mayor of chester's call for more funding for schools. marty malloy says the schools are perpetually underfunded and the past budget cannot rephrase decaded of neglect. well, the delaware state fair is officially underway in harrington. for the first time visitors can learn about the attractions from the mobile app on the state fair website. and the usual barbecue, baby animals and carnival rides and a homemade ice-cream contest. the fair runs through next saturday, tons of fun. >> looks like it. up next police make an arrest for a teen's murder shot and
4:27 pm
killed after a basketball game in west philadelphia. now we learn about a second accused shooter still on the run. we have details in a live report next. >> plus -- >> i'm nydia han converting to solar power is never easier or more affordable. but it can be fraught with pitfalls.
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"action news" continues. it is 4:30 and sharrie is off and "action news" continues with some new charges filed against a reading police officer. we have the allegations against him next. and training for a terror attack. security officials head to new jersey to make sure that beach business owners are able to spot any suspicious behavior. plus, a teen gets punished and how his neighborhood is reaping the reward. and the break in the case a teenager gunned down as he left a basketball game in southwest philadelphia. one suspect also a teen was just arrested today and police are now looking for a second. both of them accused of firing at the victim. john rawlins live at the scene with the latest details on this case. >> reporter: my brian, one suspect is from five blocks from the shooting scene and another
4:30 pm
15 to 20 blocks from here. the victim was tahrir barnes and among the sad elements the apparent motive, a feud stemming from the outcome of a basketball game. >> this morning at 6:00 a.m., homicide detectives made an arrest of a josh richardson, a 16-year-old male, is he arrested and charged with the killing of tahrir barnes. hill has an arrest warrant out and he should be considered armed and dangerous. >> why? i want answers. why is the biggest and one word question i have. why? >> tynesia preparing to bury her oldest son, tahrir barnes, he was walking with a friend and
4:31 pm
ambushed with gunmen lying in wait. 10 shotted were fired and barnes was killed. >> just want to know why and where is the guidance in his life. where are the parents at in his life. >> this is one of the most senseless homicided i have covered. it was because of a game lost and the two sides had words and the next week they decided to come together and have a physical altercation and two people pulled out guns and started shooting. >> miss pratt thomas and her family are preparing for tahrir's funeral. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a police officer from reading is once again facing criminal charges. less than a month after initial charges against him were
4:32 pm
dropped. 27-year-old jesus santiago dejesus is charged with oppression and tampering with evidence. it shows him physically confronting a woman and smashing the cell phone she was using to record him and accused of lying about what happened to his superiors. a driver that plead guilty to a wrong way crash learned her fate today. robin knight will spend 3 to 6 years in prison followed by four years of probation, she collided with a family in a minivan in 2013 and was not arrested until 2015, the woman in the van was killed and her husband and 3-year-old daughter survived. just in time for this hot spell, trenton public swimming pools are back open but it may not stay that way. the four pools had to close because the city did not fund their paychecks and the
4:33 pm
lifeguard walked off the job. but they were able to pay the vendor and the pool reopened. now trenton's mayor wants them to fire the company that manages the pools and find a new one. they will take up that at tonight's city council meeting. it's time now to head to the shore with ways to beat the heat. lets go live to melissa magee checking out the ride as long the famous steel pier in atlantic city. >> reporter: hey there alicia and brian, we are at the bumper cars at the iconic steel pier. i'm here with sydney celebrating her birthday. lots of rides and lots to see and do, i'm going the wrong way. >> the platform is lucy for
4:34 pm
president and peanuts for all. >> yes, margate's lucy the elephant is running for president. >> this year is the election and a great way to celebrate her birthday. >> the landmark is celebrating 135 years old. >> the idea was to use her six story size to show off the land he had for sale. fast forward lucy has evolved into a beloved tourist attraction. >> you go upstairs through her legs and you can be in her about belly and look out her eyes. >> at night her eyes light up blue in honor of old blue eyes himself frank sinatra. and she served as a family residence. >> saturday is the big birthday barb with all day gun for the family. >> we'll have carnival games and
4:35 pm
inflatables and nine hole miniature golf course for the first time this year. >> and being a symbol of the republican party, we had to ask about her part kbri affiliation. >> she is just lucy and everybody loves her for who she is. she is not republican or democrat. >> reporter: so lucy you can all take part in her celebration in margate and she has been around forever. there is lots to do here at steel pier. they have 25 rided and lots of attractions and lots of games, one is called the boxer, i never tried this but it seems impressive. i'll give it my all right? alicia and brian you got it on me -- >> yeah! >> look it reads your score, but i broke the machine it was that strong that's what happened. i broke the machine. guys we have more on the shore
4:36 pm
forecast it's going to get hot this weekend, that is coming up when we come right back down at the shore. i'm telling you broke it. >> hollywood just called they want her to star in the next rocky film. >> melissa thank you. a group of philadelphia students got a hands on lesson with digital design, they went to next fab in philadelphia and got to see machinery in action at the creative manufacturing studio and they were making replica monuments that will be handed out to governors at the national convention in philadelphia next week. >> a day filled with summer fun in medford, young campers jumped into the pool on tuckerton road and there were slides and inflatable obstacles. outside of the pool it was a dance part kbri and a soccer game going on and all part of
4:37 pm
the annual carnival game. the kids work out the energy and go to bed early. still ahead preparing small business for a terror attack. we are in new jersey as a team of security experts make sure that they are ready for the worst case scenario. and a mom's plans for her son completely backfires, find out why the whole neighborhood is benefiting. you'll love this one. and adam joseph is standing by with the full accuweather forecast. "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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the south african prosecutors office wants oscar pistorius to spend more time in jail. they are appealing a six year prison sentence asking for a longer term now. the amputee runner was convicted of shooting his girlfriend to death in 2013. the conviction came after a different appeal from prosecutors and was found guilty of a lesser charge and searched just one year in prison. and there is talk about the deadly truck attack in nice, police say that the driver planned it for months and five alleged accomplices, in custody
4:41 pm
facing terrorism charges. they say that muhammad bouhlel's phone showed searches that he was plotting an attack since 2015. he drove the crowd into the crowd on bastille day one week ago. point pleasant beach brought in homeland security experts to learn how to spot suspicious behavior and now to report it. the mayor wanted business owners and residents to stay informed. big talkers now and a big move from tinder that wants to be known as more than just a dating app. you can still meet the one on tinder but now you can get a group together and meet new friends, whether it's friends or strangers, tinder has a new tool
4:42 pm
called social where you can organize a night out with a group of people, to do it you need at least one friend that uses the app and it matches the two of you with other interested people that want to go to the same concert or ball game or the same bar. tinder says if you are worried about safety or stalkers, the app will eration all of your group matches after the event and if you have a significant other and using this feature just explain it to them. and this one, explaining to kids is not easy. one mom in kentucky says her plan to punish her teenage son backfired. or did it? >> he cut eight yards front and back. he loves doing it. >> to punish her son, travis,
4:43 pm
she told him to mow the lawn but he loved it so much, he got his cousins and friends together and mowing the lawns for free. >> we are doing it for the community for people who can't get out and do it. >> their gear has taken a beating from all the free mowing they are doing, so they are accepting equipment donations on a crowd funding site and even though they refused to take cash from people for their services around the neighborhood. some folks online are donating money so mom says if they raise enough they can now go to disney world and it looks like they may be on their way, so far they raised almost $10,000 and counting all for the goodwill they are have been doing and so much for the punishment. not sure why he got in trouble in the first place. >> and they look like serious
4:44 pm
lawns too, several feet high. lets get a check of the roads right now, matt pellman is standing by with the update. >> drivers are being punished this afternoon big delay out there as we look live at the blue route and delays because of an accident that took place 10 minutes ago that took place by baltimore pike the media exit. can you see the pickup truck on ton of that sedan, the fire truck just pulled up and all southbound traffic on the blue route is forced off on to baltimore pike. this is creating a parking lot through this point at baltimore pike, you want no points of this. use 320 or 352 through delaware county instead. traffic is now squeezing by on the shoulder but the delay is huge. and the pennsylvania turnpike a crash approaching downingtown in the teens down by valley forge and use 202 southbound instead
4:45 pm
but the normal afternoon volume there. and 30 lancaster avenue may be your best bet but in ardmore a crash along 30 by the infinity dealership. there is police activity in hunting park blocking percy street near eerie avenue. it's the third thursday night market in may fair so ryan avenue is closed. concerts and phillies game, a lot going on. >> meteorologist, adam joseph, with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next.
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
all right meteorologist, adam joseph, now it's heat has arrived. >> it has and will stick around for quite sometime. a long heat wave on the way and
4:48 pm
intense at times as well. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan around the area, lots of sunshine and it is hot once again with temperatures flirting around that 90 degree mark. right now it's 89 in philadelphia, 88 in allentown un89 in reading and 86 wilmington and millville. and right along the immediate shore, much cooler there. 80 in cape may and beach haven, and nice sea breeze setting in for the immediate shore line. high pressure is down to the south, yesterday it was a little more to the north and winds are starting to turn a little bit especially inland locations that is helping to pump more heat and humidity in, you see the impressive storms in the eastern part of the great lakes and there was a severe thunderstorm watch now discontinued. the storms are falling apart and we are not expecting an intense like to pass through here on friday. at 10:00 in the morning on friday, 86 in wilmington and 85
4:49 pm
in allentown unthe shore a little bit cooler and as we go into afternoon at 5:00, high clouds passing in and hazy, hot and humid. 95 in philadelphia, 93 in wilmington and 89 in millville and allentown. as the line continues to fall apart. it could have one or two downpours or thunderstorms surviving in the lehigh valley up into the poconos tomorrow evening while the rest of us stay warm as we go into your friday night. in fact when you factor in the humidity. 95 is the high on friday, reaching 100 for the heat index. and on saturday 98 degrees, heat index soars to 102 and behind the front on saturday, we could kick the temperature and the humidity down a little bit on sunday, but still pretty unbearable with the heat index approaching the 100 degree mark and the place to be to beat the heat is the shore, that is where
4:50 pm
meteorologist, melissa magee, and a beautiful view of atlantic city behind you. i know exactly where you are standing melissa. >> reporter: that is right adam, we are at the iconic steel pier the gorgeous view behind me and beach umbrellas on the beach and sand and it feels fantastic at the shore. as we head into our weekend, friday mostly sunny, and 84 degrees and friday afternoon still a sea breeze can you take in and enjoy. over the weekend a different story, saturday hot and humid and a high temperature of 90 degrees, not much of a breeze on saturday. and saturday sunny and warm with a high temperature of 87 degrees, the ocean temperature adam is certainly not bad coming in in the lower 70s. we'll have a lot of fun here at steel pier and coming up i know are you familiar with it adam we'll go up on the ferris wheel
4:51 pm
and show you more views on top of atlantic city and the surrounding towns, hopefully you'll have fun and cool off down at the weekend at the shore. >> that is the helipad there, that is where they land exactly where you are standing. >> exactly, we are on the helicopter pad. you got it. >> enjoy the view, it's beautiful there. as we look at the poconos as we go into the next three days, 84 tomorrow and evening thunderstorms, 87 and warm on saturday, and sun and clouds and 83 on sunday, a break from the heat and the humidity up in the mountains, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 95 steamy tomorrow and the afternoon thunderstorm near the lehigh valley and scorching heat on saturday and 98 and 95 and not as hot on sunday, pretty intense around here and storms develop in the afternoon, 98 degrees hot and humid with more
4:52 pm
storms popping on tuesday and 95 and the heat continues into wednesday and thursday, as we are still above the 90 degree mark. again a long and dangerous heat wave on the way. melissa found a great place at the end of the steel pier surrounding by water, the breeze feels great.
4:53 pm
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if you hav e b een thinking to switching to solar, it's easier season cheaper than ever before. but first we have important advice. >> going solar has a lot of benefits but comes with a lot of problems too. especially when you decide thousand finance your system. >> mike has no regrets, he leased the panels for no money down and saves almost $200 a
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month on his electric bill. but all is not well, in order to fix a leak, the solar panels have to be taken down and then put back up. moore cannot find a single local company to do the work. >> nobody wants to do work on panels leased by someone else. >> people lease because buying the system out front comes with a lot of cost but leasing is not a good idea for several reasons. >> people that lease save less than people that buy it outright. >> buying a system could save you $60,000 over 20 years. and leasing the system it drops to $20,000 over the same years. >> and it includes an escalator cause meaning your costs go up every year. >> if you do buy expect to pay $16,000 to $20,000 after tax
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credits. and most systems pay for themselves in five to seven years and the real cost might be steeper than you expect. >> if your roof is likely to need replacing in the next five years, consumer reports says consider replacing it before the panels are installed and consumer reports says you are much better off financing the purchase than leasing. we have more information at and that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and adam joseph i'm brian taff. i hope you join me tonight and every night for "action news" at 10:00. now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at 5:00. >> coming up next at 5:00 tonight. breaking news from one of the biggest media companies in the world. the head of fox news is stepping down in the midst of a sexual harassment scandal.
4:57 pm
and a plane on its way to philadelphia is forced to evacuate on the runway, details on this developing story coming up. >> and a heat wave is about to hit just in time for the democratic national convention. what the city is doing to keep everyone cool.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. i am not in the habit of supporting people that attack my wife and attack my father. >> ted cruz doubles down, a day after being booed off the stage at the republican national convention and he is still standing firm in his refusal to endorse donald trump. stealing the spotlight from what is suppose to be donald trump's big night. thursday night and the big story on "action news" is another unusual twist at the republican convention. >> this convention is unlike any other in modern history and tonight donald trump will take the stage to try to bring together what appears to be a fractured party. lets head to cleveland for the
5:00 pm
latest from "action news" reporter, sara bloomquist. >> reporter: rick and monica that is right. donald trump is up tonight. tonight is the night he takes the stage, he needs to tell the nation what he will do for the nation. and meantime today we did catch up with local delegates to talk about the moment last night when senator ted cruz got booed off the stage -- irate delegates screamed at ted cruz when he flat out refused to endorse their nominee from the stage. instead telling the gop to vote their conscious. >> the delaware republicans told us they were not surprised. >> i didn't think he would endorse but i think he would have been more focused on unifying the party and calling the party to vote for the nom